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Jesus is the promise Messiah. Jesus is God's love manifested. He is the begotten son and our redeemer. Jesus Christ is God's only provision for man's sin. When we receive Christ, we receive a new birth only through a personal invitation. You can today receive Him by faith through prayer.

New Day to Love the lost. Proclaim the Gospel.

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There are times in our lives when we go through issues and tribulations. Season come and go. Bishop Farmer provides Gods instruction through the Word to show us how to weather storms that can try to keep us down. Through the Word of God, Bishop Farmer shows us how to bombard the throne to receive the promises that God has in store for us.  Step into your New Day and your New Season Today. 

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Sending a prayer request is simple. Fill out your information and what your prayer request is . Bishop Keith & Dr. Nicole Farmer and the prayer intercessors will bombard heaven on your behalf.